1. Boyhood

    This past weekend, Katie, Nathan and I went to Robinson Film Center and saw “Boyhood”. If you’ve not heard of it, it was filmed over the past 12 years and is about a family (specifically a boy, hence the name) and the things that each of them go through in that span of time. I have never seen a movie quite like it.

    We all three loved it, as it was different and didn’t subscribe to the same structure of a “regular” movie. You saw the actors age and change over time. No one had a singular life-changing experience…they experienced things as they happened.

    It definitely washed the bad taste from TMNT out of our mouths.

  2. Anonymous said: How can my hair be just as awesome as yours is in your picture?

    it was only a well timed photo. :)

  3. buzzfeed:

Nailed it.
  4. Tumblr, meet Katie.
  5. I’m addicted #tinytower (Taken with instagram)
  6. Jeffrey Tambor: 'Arrested Development' Movie Happening, Being Written

    Before the question was even asked, Jeffrey Tambor had the answer ready, on command after years of inquiry.

    Yes, the “Arrested Development” movie is going to be made.

    “I think what’s coming down is, certainly, the negotiation over my trailer is what I think is stopping people,” he laughed.

    But really.

    “No, it’s all going straight, everyone’s on board, I know they’re writing, and maybe next time this year we’ll be having this conversation.”

    That means the Bluth family, the motley crew of Jason Bateman, Will Arnett, Portia De Rossi, Michael Cera, Alia Shawkat, David Cross and Tony Hale will return for the first time since their wildly-maligned cancellation by FOX following the 2006 TV season. A cult classic whose fan base wasn’t understood or appreciated by FOX at the time, it’s gone on to massive DVD sales and has inspired a consistent internet campaign for a big screen revival.


    (Source: thebluthcompany)

  7. This is one reason I love Tiny Tower. A reference to an old NES game called “Bad Dudes”. Only a select few probably get this joke, but it’s pretty cool!